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The best collagen + the best anti-ageing ingredients blended with 100% natural raspberry juice powder. 

The UK's number 1 collagen powder
Reduces the signs of ageing 
Collagen + anti-ageing ingredients boosts natural collagen production 
Hyaluronic Acid increases the skin's elasticity  
Type 1 Premium grade Hydrolysed Marine collagen for improved efficacy & quicker results

As you age, your collagen supply naturally diminishes. This can result in your skin looking tired and lifeless, increasing the spread of fine-lines & wrinkles. Vitness Collagen Hyaluronic is full of Type 1 Hydrolysed marine collagen protein + Hyaluronic Acid + Astaxanthin + Amino acids + Vitamins A+E+C, which work to boost your body’s own natural collagen production, rejuvenating skin tissue and replenishing your collagen matrix. 96% of clinically trialled users saw smoother plumber skin after 6 weeks of daily use, so why not give it a go and see the results for yourself.   


Not all collagen is equal.We only use clinically trailed Type 1 Hydrolysed Marine Collagen which has a low molecular weight allowing it to enter the bloodstream more efficiently and triggering your body’s fibroblasts to ramp up natural collagen production. Our collagen is sustainably and ethically sourced.

  Hyaluronic acid supports skin hydration and elasticity.

 Astaxanthin maintains and supports the firmness, integrity, structure, and health of the skin by reducing UVB induced inflammation.

 Vitamin A+E+C  support collagen formation, vitality, immune system health, connective tissue health, and aids in the formation of connective tissue. Vitamins C and E are antioxidants which help reduce free radical damage to body cells.

 100% natural raspberry juice powder contains no synthetic flavourings so its naturally delicious and tastes beautifully refreshing. Just add water mix into a smoothie or sprinkle on food, it’s so easy to use