ClaireD : Jan 08 2017


Thought I'd give dry January a go this month so I've bought this pack to have in my fridge at home so when I'm tempted to grab a wine I can have one - so far so good! I buy them anyway with my lunch and love collagen as it stops hunger as well as being great for skin. 



 Desperate times call for delicious measures. Giving this body some love after the gym with @we_are_vitness. Also shoutout to all the amazing women marching today. I wish I was with you. It brings me to tears seeing the pictures. We are unstoppable.


shescrafty72s : Dec 08, 2016


I'm loving this drink! First tried it in Harvey Nichols then ordered the pack. I've had this pack twice now so 2 months in and I can notice an improvement in my acne scarring which is great. Going to do a third month (having one a day) to really get the benefits. I think it's good value for money as it's cheaper than some liquid collagen supplements and tastes a lot better. Good range of flavours too.

Nanny Patel : Nov 01, 2016


These taste great - makes it easy to drink collagen. I will buy another two weeks pack and I am hoping to at end of four weeks to see difference in skin and my joints too. So far so good.




This stuff is amazing. I absolutely love the Rhubarb and Rose flavour. Natural and oh so good for you


Leovelyn26 : Nov 14, 2016


I'm loving these drinks, collagen is great for skin, joints and nail growth, the nails is the first thing you'll probably notice. I've bought them from Harvey Nichols and Planet Organic at lunch so thought I'd order the box so I can have them at home. Favourite flavour for me is cucumber but the other two are enjoyable too.


KiLee : Nov 21 2016


I bought this in Harvey Nichols last weekend and ordered the trial pack after as I wanted it in my fridge! All three taste amazing, I'm going to try the 30 day pack after Christmas!




Shiny happy shoes. Shiny happy drink. Surround yourself with shiny happy people....


amystringer : Jan 23, 2017


I am doing a health kick for January and have been having one of these a day now for nearly a month. Love the flavours, would prefer to be able to choose the amount of which i get next time round but happy to have a mix first time. My skin tone is improved and i have much softer skin too than right after Xmas. Will continue with the drinks for another month to see if improvement continues, but very happy overall.



#vitness this looked too good not to try!


therealblondie : Nov 28, 2016


My skin goes like parchment in winter (I have red hair and pale skin so I get wind burn a lot) so I wanted to give this a go to see if it helped. I've also upped the amount of antioxidants in my diet in general (turmeric, cinnamon, greens etc) so it felt like a good addition. I don't have one everyday, probably around 5 times a week and my skin is a lot softer on my cheeks since two months ago. It tastes amazing (rhubarb rose is the best) and there is no 'collagen' taste like you'd get with the plain powders sometimes, so I just find it a lot easier to take. I'd like an option to get more rhubarb flavour in a box than the others so it would be good if you could do that on the website.



Spotted @we_are_vitness in  @harveynichols Leeds and couldn't resist trying the elderflower and chilli drink me and @iamfts are LOVING THIS - Have you tried the beauty tonic guys? I felt really hydrated after drinking it and I'm loving the spiciness of the chill


JoanneR33 : Oct 18, 2016


Ordered this last week and you've got to try the chilli one especially in this colder weather it's yummy!
It's only a 2 week pack so i think next time i'd go for the month pack, starting to see a difference in my skin i just feel like a look less tired which is always a bonus!


TraceyG : Oct 21, 2016


Would thoroughly recommend to anyone to take the trial and see which is your favourite of the flavours. Mine was Rhubarb and Rose, but my daughters liked the other two flavours more, so there really is something for everyone. Having a drink that is on the one hand this good to taste, whilst at the same time being good for my skin is something I wish had been available before now.