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Every Beauty Vitamin blend combines fresh tasting natural plant and fruit extracts/botanicals with our signature mix of powerful antioxidants, hydrating natural compounds and skin-repairing vitamins. Each has been created to nourish your skin and your whole body from the inside out. Our trio of skin saviours include:

 Rhubarb & Rose
Deliciously tart rhubarb with a subtle hint of soothing rose, this delicate and uplifting blend is perfectly balanced.
Melon & Cucumber
Refreshing and crisp, melon adds a subtle note of sweetness to the cool, fresh taste of cucumber.
Elderflower & Chilli
Delicate & aromatic elderflower infuses with warm and spicy chilli to create this sophisticated and energetic blend. 

So whether you’re at home, at the gym or looking for a healthy option at the bar, treat your skin and recharge your body with our three deliciously sophisticated blends.