Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies and keeps skin smooth, plump and youthful. As we age, the collagen breaks down leading to wrinkles, sagging skin and lines.

How does Vitness Berry Energy Collagen Powder in your diet help?

Enhanced skin hydration

Helps maintain firm skin

Helps reduces fine line and wrinkles

Improves skin collagen density

Energy boosting


Feed your skin from within and treat your step to a little extra spring! Vitness Berry Energy Collagen powder is a delicious blend of 100% pure hydrolysed marine collagen, super antioxidant Astaxanthin and Nature’s own moisture molecule Hyaluronic acid; the perfect trio for smoother, more hydrated and youthful looking skin.

Blended with energy boosting Maca (also known as Peruvian ginseng), metabolism stimulating Green Coffee bean, natural Raspberries, Acai Berry, Purple Carrot Extract and vitamins C & E, Berry Energy is the perfect pre or post gym smoothie booster!


Each sachet contains 2.7g hydrolysed marine collagen.

Collagen: The ultimate skin protein, scientifically proven to reduce the signs of skin ageing. Vitness marine collagen is sustainably sourced from Tilapia fish.

Astaxanthin: Plant-derived super antioxidant, 6000 times more powerful than Vitamin C, perfect for fending off environmental aggressors

Hyaluronic Acid: Skin’s own moisture molecule, capable of holding up to 1000 times its own weight in water and keeps skin hydrated

Maca: Also known as Peruvian Ginseng, is great for increasing energy levels, balancing hormones and awakening the mind.

Green Coffee Bean: A metabolism booster, green coffee beans are coffee seeds not yet roasted. A source of chlorogenic acid, it helps regulate blood sugar levels and boost metabolism.


Add me to your smoothies, juice or nut milk, sprinkle me on porridge or granola or simply mix me with hot or cold water.

berry boost benefits

Our hydrolysed marine collagen effectively increases skin’s firmness, improves collagen density and decreases wrinkles and dehydration after 4 weeks of daily use.

Collagen: Building blocks to promote younger-looking skin…

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and constitutes 70% of your skin’s dermis layer. A key component of the skin’s structure, collagen fibers provide the infrastructure for elastin, which maintains skin elasticity, and for hyaluronic acid to trap moisture. As we age, our bodies produce less and less of this hard working protein, which coupled with environmental factors which accelerate the breakdown of collagen, leads to dehydrated, thinner skin with fine lines, wrinkles and furrows.


Smooth, firm and younger-looking skin requires optimum levels of well-organized collagen fibers to ensure skin retains its elasticity, firmness and moisture-binding capacity.


Clinical studies have shown that the collagen in Vitness can: 




Small hydroxyproline-containing peptides in the blood stream, from ingesting collagen peptides, are believed to act as a false signal of the destruction of collagen in the body.

It has been shown that collagen peptides may act as a messenger and trigger the synthesis and reorganization of new collagen fibers by stimulating fibroblast cells. Collagen peptides are also shown to stimulate production of elastin and hyaluronic acid (HA).

Additional studies have shown that collagen peptides can enhance the fibroblast density and the thickness of collagen fibrils in the dermis helping to improve the mechanical strength of the skin. 

Before and after: The density of the collagen fibers is enhanced:  


To ensure bioactivity, it is essential to have exceptional bioavailability. Human and other in-vivo studies have confirmed that collagen peptides are highly digestible and bioavailable. 90% of the collagen peptides are digested and available within the connective tissues just a few hours after digestion. If you would like further scientific reading on the these studies, please contact us directly, we would be happy to supply to with the relevant research papers. 

 What is Hydrolysed Collagen? 

What is Astaxanthin

Dr Amy Jones


As a working mother of two I sometimes find it hard to pack my diet with enough of the correct protein and oily fish I need to keep my skin healthy. But after two weeks and two spoons full of Vitness a day my skin is back to where it was pre-baby. It is now part of my everyday routine.



This is a great supplement, been using for over two months now and my skin is looking much better, smoother and less tired and the extra protein definitely adds a general feeling of wellbeing. It tastes amazing too, especially the Carob one added to coffee!

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