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Vitness collagen drink: The Perks of Mollie Quirk Blog

Vitness collagen drink: The Perks of Mollie Quirk Blog


If you're looking for an energising and refreshing boost, Vitness is the answer. The Vitness Beauty Vitamin range is the perfect range for you if you're looking to up your collagen intake, improve your skins suppleness and revitalise your body - keep reading to discover their 3 different and unique flavours...

When I was contacted by the lovely people at Vitness asking if I'd like to try their unique collagen beauty vitamin drinks, I just couldn't refuse. Over the past couple of months I have been upping my game on the health front and have been very open to trying new and innovative products that aid the wellbeing of my body, overall health and skin too. Vitness naturally boosts the production of collagen, heals the skin, fights free radicals and damage caused by UV, reduces wrinkles and fights premature ageing too - which is perfect for me as I approach my 20s.

The Beauty Vitamin drink comes in a variety of three different flavours, flavours that excite and revive your pallet - Cucumber and Melon, Rhubarb and Rose & Elderflower and Chilli.


On first impressions before tasting this flavour, I was dubious. I am not a keen lover of cucumber so I was rather weary to try this drink. Upon tasting this rather refreshing and delightful sparkling drink I discovered how much I actually adored this flavour. A true to life flavour with a slight effervesce that tantalises your tastebuds and refreshes your pallet. This flavour has to be my favourite of the three as it's highly uplifting, refreshing and ensures my body feels alive. I particularly enjoy drinking this after a workout or long day.


I did anticipate this flavour to be my favourite from this trio of beauty vitamin drinks. Rhubarb and Rose is everything I expected and more - uplifting, sweet and a floral rose aftertaste, which I adore. Rhubarb and Rose is a delightful drink which definitely ticks all of the right boxes. A similar taste to the old classic Rhubarb and Custard hard-boiled sweet, this beauty vitamin is perfect for those of you who enjoy sharp yet soothing flavours.


The initial taste of this flavour is subtle and sweet, but don't let this fool you. The taste of Elderflower caresses your tastebuds whilst the fiery Chilli kick packs a punch at the back of your throat, which can be very surprising. Such a contrasting drink that I'm still dubious about, but still unique, refreshing and enjoyable too. This Elderflower and Chilli drink is perfect as an evening treat, great for unwinding and would be great with a meal too. This flavour is both sophisticated and fiery.

After prolonged use of these fabulously refreshing drinks, your skins texture, elasticity and appearance will be improved, your body will feel more energised than usual and premature ageing will be prevented.

Vitness Beauty Vitamin drinks are stocked in high end stores and fitness clubs such as Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Equinox.


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