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Vitness collagen drink: On The Becca Edit

Vitness collagen drink:  On The Becca Edit

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As I get older, I'm becoming increasingly interested in taking care of my skin. I'm not sure if it's due to my obsession with beauty vloggers, the increasing number of stories I see about sun damage, or just because in general I'm starting to strive for a more sustainable lifestyle, rather than my not so healthy go-hard or go-home approach. It's probably a combination of all mentioned. 
As a teenager, a baby wipe and Loreal moisturiser was about as complex as my skincare routine got. If I took my make-up off at 3am after a standard boozy Thursday night celebrating yet another 18th, I gave myself a pat on the back. Since then my interest in wellbeing has sharply grown and combined with my willingness to look after my skin rather than batter it, it was only a matter of time before my habits changed and I gave my daily routine a promotion. Somewhere in between the ages of 19 and 23 I discovered a love for Origins and Kiehls, became passionate about plant power and started to connect the dots between nutrition and good skin. 

So far this year I've loved being a bit experimental with products, on the never ending mission for glowing skin, but a visit to the professional beauty expo back in February sparked my interest in a new generation of products and a new way of thinking about my skincare routine. I set out on a mission to simply get HD brows and matte lipstick, little did I know I would leave with an appetite for unearthing a new generation of skincare concepts.

Upon arrival I was somewhat alarmed to be informed by a skin analyst that my T Zone was severely lacking vitamin E, my skin was dehydrated and was showing sun damage way beyond my years. Feeling quite deflated, it was by chance I then stumbled across the new drink brand Vitness later on in the day. I was quickly lured in by the promise of samples and the words "Sparkling" and "Elderflower".

"She was empowering and educating all of us to think about our skincare from a different perspective. "

I'm absolutely not a believer in fads, quick fixes or novel money wasters, and the notion of "beauty water" frankly made my eyes roll but I'm easily sucked into pretty packaging and before I knew it I was sipping tasters and listening to Kate proudly singing the impressive scientific praises of her new brand. She had my attention - this was so much more than just a new fizzy drink brand. She was empowering and educating all of us to think about our skincare from a different perspective. 

I always eat my greens and I work hard in the gym, why? So my body feels good inside and out. But i've never given much thought to the improving the condition of my skin through my lifestyle - other than smothering it in Sudacrem whenever I feel a spot coming and going crazy with the highlighter when I look tired. That day in February shifted the way I thought about my skin - it shed light on the importance of looking for solutions from within. 

Make A Change 
In the past few weeks I've therefore become increasingly intrigued by the emerging trends and technologies in the industry and sought some top new habbits to incorporate into my lifestyle. More important than spending hundreds on products is finding hormonal balance and looking at what goes in. Drinking water is not a myth, it DOES make a difference. That day in February my skin hydration levels sat at just 35% (optimal is over 50), and despite my thinking my skintype was more oily that dry, turns out it needed a heap of hydration. This discovery also prompted me to change my opinions of tanning my face. For years I've layed in the sun bare faced, shortsightedly not thinking beyond vanity and returning home from holiday looking bronzed. Alas, I recently took it upon myself to invest in some Factor 50 La Roche Posay, along with a healthy routine of regular application on this years getaways. It's a decision I did not regret, my face may not be quite so brown, but in 30 degree conditions my skin felt happier and I know my future self will be thankful. Alongside water and a consideration for UV, I've been keeping my intake of healthy fats and vitamin E rich foods high in a bid to keep my skin supple and support cell growth. (That means aaaaall the Avo.)  

With all that said, it was to my delight to have a parcel of Kate's Vitness Beauty Vitamin arrive on my doorstep last week. I fly to Croatia in 10 days and the timing could not have been more perfect to give my skin a boost. The drinks taste delicious. The flavour combinations are unique and moreish and the ingredients list boasts natural and botanical extracts, while importantly keeping the sugar content low. Beauty Vitamin helps to maintain healthy skin from the inside out by actively rebuilding and maintaining the collagen matrix, below the skins surface, which helps to keep skin hydrated, soft and smooth. A key benefit for me was the fact this helps to protect from the harsh environments we immerse our skin in everyday; it ultimately enhances protection against UV sun damage, pollution and ageing. 

It's a supplement in the most refreshing form and an addition to my skincare routine I'm thankful for discovering. 

If I ever needed an excuse for adding this ice cold, frosted glass bottle of goodness to my gym bag, that was it. 

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