Vitness collagen drink: Gym Bag Essential by YCB Magazine

 Vitness Sparkling Beauty Vitamin Drink - Our New Gym Bag Essential 

If you haven't already spotted Vitness on the pages of glossy magazines then let us introduce you. Our new favourite post workout treat, Vitness is the natural vitamin drink created to enhance and nourish your skin! In a series of delicious, refreshing flavours, Vitness not only replenishes your skin but enhances your energy levels too. So basically, if you're looking for a natural and delicious energy supplement and more radiant skin then this is definitely the new go-to summer beauty product for you! 

collagen drink - beauty drink - vitness

Unlike other energy drinks packed with sugar and nasty chemicals, this beauty drink is a natural liquid that's low in sugar and contains collagen peptides, resveratrol and various anti-ageing elements along with a tonne of vitamins too! The collagens actually help to maintain the skins structure, whilst the resveratrol contains anti-ageing properties that help to combat wrinkles and encourage longer cell life. 

It also contains powerful anti-oxidants from all natural sources including goji berries, noni berries and green tea, which eliminate all the 'waste' from your system and improve your skins appearance and feel. Particularly if you live in the city, where your skin is often exposed to pollution!

Not only will Vitness' sparkling vitamin drinks leave you feeling energised with cleaner and glowing skin, these drinks have a load of other amazing benefits too. It not only helps to protect your skin from premature ageing, but also fights the harmful damage left by UV rays and supports your body's natural defences. Not bad for a drink, right?

It's definitely a staple gym bag addition for the team here at Your Coffee Break, giving us that extra push we need when (reluctantly) heading off the gym. And whats even better, is that it tastes delicious too! 

You might assume that a natural drink with so many health benefits might taste a bit 'off' but the clever team at Vitness understand that flavour is a big deal which is why they've created three tasty versions of the drink. Choose from refreshing cucumber and melon, spicy elderflower and chilli or the delicate rhubarb and rose. The choice is yours but we have to say, we adore the rhubarb and rose flavour, and the packaging is super cool as well. A big thumbs up from us, and hopefully you'll love it too!

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