Bulletproof Matcha latte with Hydrolysed Collagen

Supercharge your matcha latte with the addition of coconut oil, MCT oil and Vitness Collagen Matcha Reboot! 


2 sachets of Matcha Reboot

1 cup almond milk (or your favourite milk)

1 large teaspoon coconut oil

A good slug of MCT oil

Small amount kettle hot water, around 80 degrees

  • Gently heat your milk and add the coconut oil and MCT oil
  • Tear sachets and empty into the cup you will serve in
  • Pour a small amount of hot water onto the matcha and whisk till smooth and frothy
  • Using a hand blender with frothing attachment or a Nutribullet, whizz up the milk till the oils are blended and the milk is frothy
  • Pour milk into the serving cup, stirring the matcha quickly initially to blend
  • Enjoy!


What benefits am I getting if I add Hydrolysed Collagen to my Matcha latte?

Adding collagen into your diet anywhere is great for increasing your own natural collagen production, which is great for your skin. Adding a dose of pure protein also helps balance blood sugar levels and help curb cravings for sweet things. This combined with the antioxidant properties of Matcha tea make this latte a super-charged skin friend!

Why am I adding fats to my Matcha Latte?

Adding good fats such as coconut oil, grass fed butter or ghee or MCT oil is a great way to stabilise blood sugar and provide energy. MCTs are medium-chain triglyverides, a form of saturated fatty acid that has many health benefits including weight management and better cognitive function.