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Boost your Energy levels with these simple tips!

Boost your Energy levels with these simple tips!

Do you have trouble jumping out of bed in the morning? Or feel sluggish and exhausted by the time mid-afternoon comes round? Help is at hand to put a little extra spring in your step with these handy 5 energy-boosting tips!

Eat more protein… grow, go, glow!

The old adage grow, go, glow is pretty on the money when it comes to protein. A vital component of every cell in your body, protein provides the raw materials for building and repairing tissues including skin, hair, nails, muscle and bones. Protein-based foods and supplements provide the body with fuel to repair and build tissue and it takes longer than carbohydrate to break down, making it a longer-lasting energy source.

Reduce carb intake

Not all carbs are created equal, and annoyingly the ones you tend to crave when you’re exhausted are exactly what your body does not need. Quick-release sugars in simple carbohydrates (e.g. sugary snacks, white bread, white pasta) are absorbed rapidly, resulting in a huge surge in blood sugars. This then drops dramatically and leaves you feeling more tired than you did before…

Improve your sleep

Getting quality sleep can be tricky at times, more of us than ever are over-worked, managing parenthood and demanding jobs and of course awake till all hours surfing the Internet. Your body does all it’s maintenance and repair while you sleep, including repairing your skin. Good sleep hygiene (i.e. a routine you stick to), switching off electronic devices and limiting stimulants (TV, caffeine and even exercise) can all help you tune into a sleepy mode. 

Reduce caffeine intake from lunchtime

Tying in nicely with the above, if you’re struggling to nod off or feel too wired it maybe that you’re consuming too much caffeine at the wrong point of the day. We are big fans of what we call ‘green caffeine’ here at Vitness HQ, that is Matcha, green tea and green coffee bean, which provide a whole host of antioxidants and the teas release their caffeine slowly, but it’s still best to avoid these sources post 5pm.

Ramp up your fruit and veg intake

The more fresh vegetables and fruit you consume, the better you’ll feel as your body is getting all the nutrients it needs to run efficiently. When you feel a slump coming on, instead of reaching for a sugar-laden energy drink, grab a fresh juice instead. If you have your own juicer, squish some apples, kale, spinach, fresh mint, blueberries and a sachet of Matcha Reboot together and serve over ice.

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